Mounts in WoW Classic: Complete Guide

Mounts are very important in WoW Classic simply because they allow your character to travel faster. A regular player spends a lot of time traveling from one location to another. Very often traveling on foot just consumes your time without giving anything in return. That’s why you need to get a horse, ram, wolf, kodo, tiger or raptor or any other riding creature as soon as you can. This guide will explain everything you need to know on this topic!

Generally, there are two types of mounts in the game: Rare and Epic. They have different movement speed, different cost, and different level requirement.

  • A Rare one costs 80 gold for any faction and has a 60% movement speed;
  • An Epic one has a price of 1000 gold and has 100% movement speed.

You can purchase your first rare mount once you hit level 40. Later on, when you hit level 60, you can buy an Epic one.

But don’t forget that you will have to learn how to ride first! Learning a riding skill will cost 20 gold initially. Each race has an independent skill that allows riding only certain creatures:

  • Humans: Horse Riding
  • Night Elves: Tiger Riding
  • Dwarves: Ram Riding
  • Gnomes: Mechanostrider Piloting
  • Orcs: Wolf Riding
  • Tauren: Kodo Riding
  • Undead: Undead Horsemanship
  • Trolls: Raptor Riding


Each race can use a specific type of mounts by default. For example, a human can learn to ride a horse while a Dwarf can learn to ride a ram.

Is it possible to master the riding skill of another race? Yes, it is. You also can learn the riding skill of any race from your alliance if you really wish! You need to receive an Exalted reputation with the desired faction for this. For example, a human can learn Ram Riding but only after reaching Exalted reputation with Ironforge.

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Saving Money

As you see both rare and epic mounts cost a lot. But there is a way to save some gold by receiving a discount. You can save:

  • 10% if you have Honored reputation with the faction you purchase the mount from
  • 10% if you have Rank 3 in PvP

Pay attention that these discounts stack and you can get a maximum 20% discount if you meet both requirements! Just imagine: you can save 200 gold when purchasing an epic riding creature!

The sweet thing is that all the mounts that sold by factions bind to the character on equip. This means that another player with enough reputation and rank can buy the mount at a lower price for you! This also means we will see a lot of mounts on the Auction House.

Paladins and Warlocks

Not all the classes actually need to buy riding creatures from vendors. Paladins and Warlocks can get Rare and then Epic mounts for completing special quests! Here are the quests for a Rare riding creature (become available right after hitting level 40):

  • For the Paladin, this quest is called The Tome of Nobility. Speak to Duthorian Rall in Stormwind City to start. You will learn Summon Warhorse spell at the end.
  • For the Warlock, the quest is called Summon Felsteed. Speak to Strahad Farsan in The Barrens to start the quest. You will learn Summon Felsteed spell at the end.

Both quests are very easy. They even can’t be called “quests” because all you need is just to talk to a special NPC and that’s all. You receive a spell that allows moving much faster by summoning a mount.

As for the Epic mounts, the things are much more complicated. You will have to complete a quest chain. It will require a lot of resources. You may spend a lot more than 1000 gold for getting all the required stuff.

  • For the Warlock, the quest is called Mor'zul Bloodbringer. It’s the first quest in the chain and it can be started from several NPCs: Spackle Thornberry in Stormwind City, Kurgul in Orgrimmar, Jubahl Corpseseeker in Ironforge and Greshka in Swamp of Sorrows.
  • For the Paladin, the quest chain can be started from a The Paladin trainer in Stormwind City.

Thus Paladins and Warlocks have an advantage over other classes at a level 40. They can receive a riding creature for free. But at level 60 the things change and their class mounts become very difficult to obtain. There is no reason to select Paladin or Warlock class just because of a free rare mount.