WoW Classic Download and Installation: Full Guide

This guide will help you to download and install WoW Classic to your computer. If you are a new player, you may experience some difficulties in the beginning, especially if you don't have Blizzard Launcher on your PC. 

STEP 1: Right now all Blizzard games are managed from the launcher. Classic World of Warcraft isn't an exception. You have to download and install the launcher first. Use this link to start downloading the launcher. 

STEP 2: Install the launcher into any folder on your computer. You will be able to pick a different folder for the Classic WOW later on.

STEP 3: Open the launcher and log in with your website login and password. If you don't have account, create it first.

STEP 4: Find "World of Warcraft" game tab in the launcher. Then select "World of Warcraft Classic" in a dropdown menu above the big blue install button. This is where many newcomers stuck. They simply don't know where to find the Classic version. See the image below for more details:

WoW Classic Installation

STEP 5: Press "Install" and you will see a popup window with options. You can change the WoW Classic folder here. You will need ~5 GB of free disc space in order to complete the installation.

STEP 6: Press "Start Install" button and the installation will begin. You will see a progress bar showing how much time is left. We recommend waiting until the game is 100% installed. You can start playing it after about 15% is installed but we recommend to wait until it's fully downloaded. 

Now you can open the game and start playing. Pay attention: you will be able to start playing if you have an active WoW subscription. There is no trial period in WoW Classic. You have to buy the subscription first. 


Q: Can I try the game without purchasing a subscription?

A: Right now you can't try the game without an active subscription. 

Q: Do I need to install the launcher and the game into the same folder?

A: No, you can install the launcher and the game in different folders. Even located on different discs. 

Q: Do I need to buy the subscription before the installation?

A: In general, it doesn't matter. If you buy a subscription before the installation, you will be able to start playing immediately after the installation is finished.