WoW Classic Subscription: How to buy and save money?

If you want to start playing official WoW Classic you need to buy the game subscription first. This guide will explain how to purchase the subscription from Blizzard website and will answer the most popular questions.

WoW Classic is a subscription-based MMO game. It’s not free to play as some of the players expected. This means you have to pay a fixed monthly fee for accessing the game. 

How much does WoW Classic cost?

Right now Vanilla subscription can’t be purchased separately. You receive access to the game when you purchase a regular WoW subscription. It will cost you $10 per month. This is the price of the standard subscription. There is no information about if there will be a separate cheaper subscription for Vanilla in the future.

Don’t worry. You don’t need to install or play the actual World of Warcraft to be able to play Classic. But you have to purchase Actual subscription because the access to the Classic version is a part of it.

How to buy?

Step 1: Visit the official game website and create a new account. Make sure you have selected a strong password. You will use the account Login and Password for entering the game, so write the password somewhere.

Step 2: Go to your subscriptions and click Add new subscription. You will need a valid credit card with enough money.

Pay Attention: This guide is not complete. It will be updated when WoW Classic is released.

Can I switch from Classic to Actual and vice versa?

The subscription allows you to play both games: Actual and Vanilla. But you can’t move your characters from one game to another. So yes, you can switch. But the progress for both games will be separate.