Left-Handed Claw

Left-Handed Claw is a common quality fist weapon in WoW Classic. It deals 12 - 23 damage (11.70 DPS). Can be used by any class. You need to reach level 20 to be able to use it.

You can buy it from 4 NPC in Orgrimmar, Teldrassil and Ironforge. See details below.

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Title Lvl Location Reaction
Ariyell Skyshadow Weapon Merchant 30 Normal Teldrassil A H
Kelgruk Bloodaxe Weaponsmith Trainer 60 Normal Orgrimmar A H
Shoma Weapon Vendor 30 Normal Orgrimmar A H
Thalgus Thunderfist Weapon Merchant 30 Normal Ironforge A H

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