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NPC 9091

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Title Level Location Reaction
Acolyte Wytula 20 Normal The Barrens A H
Adair Gilroy Librarian 60 Normal Stormwind City A H
Adam 1 Normal Stormwind City A H
Adam Lind 20 Normal Wetlands A H
Adder 1 Normal Durotar, The Barrens A H
Addled Leper 24 - 25 Normal Dun Morogh A H
Adele Fielder Journeyman Leatherworker 22 Normal Elwynn Forest A H
Adjutant Tesoran 35 Normal Dustwallow Marsh A H
Adlin Pridedrift General Supplies 5 Normal Dun Morogh A H
Adolescent Whelp 34 - 35 Normal Swamp of Sorrows A H
Adon 60 Normal Eastern Plaguelands A H
Adrian Bartlett 20 Normal Undercity A H
Adult Plainstrider 6 - 8 Normal Mulgore, Desolace A H
Advanced Target Dummy 1 Normal A H
Advisor Belgrum 40 Normal Ironforge A H
Advisor Willington 62 Normal A H
Aean Swiftriver Alliance Outrunner 26 Elite The Barrens A H
Aedis Brom 30 Normal Stormwind City A H
Aelthalyste Priest Trainer 60 Normal Undercity A H
Aendel Windspear 60 Normal Silithus A H
Aeolynn Clothier 22 Normal Ashenvale A H
Aerie Gryphon 60 Elite Alterac Valley A H
Aethalas Warsong Gulch Battlemaster 61 Elite Teldrassil A H
Affray Challenger 26 - 27 Normal A H
Affray Spectator 42 Normal The Barrens A H
Ag'tor Bloodfist 45 Normal Azshara A H
Agal 8 Normal Teldrassil A H
Agam'ar 24 - 25 Elite A H
Agathelos the Raging 33 Elite A H
Aged Kodo 34 - 35 Normal Desolace A H